About Kelly Goodpaster, Certified Massage Therapist Kelly Goodpaster. CMT 72907 I know first-hand how working on a computer every day can cause neck, shoulder, and back to become stiff, sore and cause tension headaches.  I have worked as an Accountant most of my life until a career change in 2015 when I decided to become a massage therapist. I specialize in therapeutic treatments and deep relaxation techniques. I like to use my forearms, knuckles, elbows and trigger point techniques to go deep into the muscle and release tension and stiffness. I trained Local where I excelled in my academic courses and developed my massage skills to become a compassionate massage therapist. I’ve studied many different modalities that massage has to offer, but I’m passionate about helping others create a healthy balance in clients lives either by relieving any pain, stress, or to simply obtain relaxation massage designed for each client. Education and personal development are key to me as I continue to expand my knowledge in massage and body work. I regularly attend seminars for massage therapists.
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